Do you need an Energy Broker?

Do you need an Energy Broker?

If your business is a large energy user spending more than $2,500 per month or more in electricity costs (equating to around 160 MWh hours per year or more in consumption), it is likely you would benefit from speaking with a professional energy brokering service such as MIC Energy Brokers

Here are the top reasons to use an energy broker:

1. Ensure your rates are competitive

The key reason our clients engage us is to ensure they are not overpaying on their energy rates, relative to current market prices. We monitor the energy price market daily and watch for fluctuation drivers such as policy updates, power stations shutting down, and regional weather impacts.

Apart from an informed approach to the timing of your large market energy contract, it is important that you have an energy broker who works with you to understand your business needs, as each energy procurement contract is bespoke to you and your business. Once these are established the energy broker will go to market to multiple retailers who will compete to provide you competitive commercial energy rates.

2. Take the confusion out energy costs

Energy pricing can be confusing, and misunderstanding your bills can become a costly mistake over the life of a large and lengthy retailer contract. When you engage MIC Energy Brokers your account manager will be happy to explain how your energy bills work and the steps we take to find you a competitive rate and contract terms through our tendering process.

3. Save time

Energy brokers do the difficult and time consuming work of energy procurement and contract management for you.\ As experts in the field, energy brokers can perform market analysis and manage the procurement process much more efficiently than someone in your organisation who only thinks about energy costs a few times a year.

4. Stay on top of your contract

When you engage MIC Energy Brokers to help with your energy contract, we’ll keep on top of your next contract renewal date, ensuring you don’t default to a non-competitive rate with your incumbent retailer.

5. Network Tariff Reviews

Tariffs are set by your network distributor and often change annually. It is unlikely that your retailer will proactively review these charges and, in some circumstances, a one-off event that increases your demand/load could increase your Network Tariff charges which can result in you ending up on the wrong tariff and overpaying. MIC Energy Brokers will review your Network Tariff’s annually to ensure that you aren’t being charged too much.

6. Bill validation

Have you sat down to check that your bills are correct? An energy broker can provide a bill validation service to ensure your are correctly being billed.

7. Multi-Site Experts

If you have a business with multiple energy sites, you know how much work it is to manage these, as Multi-Site specialists we manage your portfolio as well as ensuring you are on competitive rates.

8. Green Energy Solutions

Green energy is becoming a priority for many businesses, the MIC Energy Broker team can assist with corporate PPA’s or carbon offset plans.

9. Not just brokers, but energy experts

The advice we provide extends to more than just tendering your energy account to different retailers. We monitor the wholesale electricity market constantly, and will advise on the best strategies to optimise your contract timing and approach tendering based on your business energy needs.

Find out more for free

Our tendering service for commercial and industrial customer is completely obligation free for your business. Get a call back from an energy specialist in our team to find out how we can help your business manage your energy procurement to save you both time & money.