When is a good time to switch energy suppliers?

When is a good time to switch energy suppliers?

Whatever your workforce size, business type or location it can be difficult to decide when exactly is the right time to look at switching your energy supplier. Here are a few times when it’s ideal for businesses to look at switching gas or electricity suppliers.

Moving Business Premises

A workplace move can be both a daunting yet exciting task for your business. If a move is on the horizon it’s a good idea to look into your switching options as early as possible to ensure you have gas and electricity available on the day that you move in to your new premises.

If you’re moving far to your new workplace, the suppliers available to you may change, so this is a great time to look into switching your energy supplier. A new energy supplier may be available to you with much better rates than you are currently paying. If you are moving to a larger building due to expansion, it is likely that your energy usage will also expand and whilst your current energy tariff may be suitable for your lower energy consumption, it may incur increased fees for your expanding usage.

At The End Of Your Current Energy Contract

If your current business energy contract is due for renewal now is a perfect time to look into what switching options you have available once your contract is finished. Chances are that if you let your current energy contract roll over for another year, you will be placed on the retailer’s standard tariff, rather than one tailored for your own energy usage needs. This could lead to a larger bill, so it is important to look at changing your business energy supplier when your contract is coming up to renewal.

Checking That You’re Getting The Best Deal

If you’re looking over your business finances to ensure outgoings are as low as possible then doing a comparison on energy costs can be a great place to start. Although if you’re still in contract with your current supplier and decide to switch, cancellation fees may apply. If you’re a business looking to switch energy providers and get a better deal why not visit our contact us page to get in touch and see how we can help your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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