How to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency

A few small tweaks around your business can make a massive difference to your energy bill. Learn the latest tips to help slash both your energy consumption and your bills.

The Great Resignation: Fact or Fiction

Aussies are the most burn-out employees in the world, according to a recent study. But it’s not just exhaustion prompting employees to look afield for opportunities.

Climate change and the 2022 federal election

Bold plans to achieve net zero emissions sooner rather than later are at the core of each party’s climate policy. But the devil is in the detail – which is precisely what some say is missing from one party.

How to make big business energy savings

How to make big business energy savings

Whether you’re a small business with a small footprint, or a larger multi-site operator, we can help you make big energy cost and time savings. The money you save can help you achieve other business goals, drive growth and ultimately thrive.

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