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Small Business Energy

We understand that small businesses have better things to do than comparing their energy plans. Let us help you put more money on your bottom line by switching your business to a cheaper electricity or gas deal. We'll make it easy to compare prices and save.

Large, Commercial & Multi-Site Energy

If you're a larger business we also have a specialised Commercial and Industrial energy broker team to find the right solution for your needs. Our MiC Energy Brokers are experts in network tariffs, multi-meter and multi-site energy procurement. 

Home Energy

We're experts when it comes to helping Australian households get a cheaper deal on their energy, both electricity and gas. We compare prices and plans from our panel of leading energy retailers to find deals that can cut the cost of your bills and then we take care of the switch- for free.

Sustainability Options

Whether through carbon off-setting, renewable energy sources, or tailored sustainability solutions to match your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, we can help you understand and compare your options to reduce your environmental impact.

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Business Energy

Business energy is what businesses, whether in production, service, or retail, need to function. Typically, the business energy Australia offers has lower rates than residential energy because businesses use a higher volume of electricity than households. However, both small and large businesses are still struggling to find the most competitive energy deals in the current market. Businesses need to be smart about their energy consumption to reduce costs and improve profits.

With Make it Cheaper, we can help you save money and find cost-effective deals for your business needs faster than you might think. By simply filling in our online form, you can expect a call from one of our experts who will handle your query. Then, once a business electricity plan is chosen, we can switch you on the spot if you are a small business that is not locked into a long-term contract. For larger organisations, we can provide an account manager who will handle the tendering process. Our seamless, hassle-free process is the reason why Make it Cheaper is trusted by businesses in Australia. 

How can renewable energy benefit businesses?

As more Australian business energy providers are going green, switching to this environmentally friendly option is a good way to get huge business energy savings. The business energy Australia offers is traditionally from non-renewable energy sources. However, more business energy providers are becoming more interested in renewable and green energy today due to the realisation of the wide array of benefits it exclusively offers. 

To help you better understand the importance of switching to renewable energy, here are some of the benefits you can get:

Consistently lower energy bills

Switching to solar and wind energy can help you consistently save money on your monthly and quarterly expenses while simultaneously helping the environment. Although the initial investment may be significant, you will save more money over time. 

Reduce service disruption

No company wants its customers and workers to suffer as a result of a service outage. Unfortunately, this is often the case with non-renewable energy sources. This is because traditional energy sources are often reliant on a single source that can be disrupted by extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, renewable energy sources are not as vulnerable to these conditions because they can be quickly and easily replaced in case of a power outage. For example, if one wind turbine develops a technical failure, another can continue to supply much-needed electricity. This means that you will not suffer a drop in service when using renewable energy for business needs. 

Improve your public image

Selecting more sustainable electricity for businesses is a key to also improving your business’s public relations. Remember, any positive changes will be welcomed by all stakeholders. So going for business energy efficiency through renewable options instead of traditional fossil fuels is a great place to start and could mean the difference between winning a customer and losing one, especially as more people are becoming environmentally conscious. 

If you’re interested in switching to green options, Make it Cheaper is here to help. We can provide competitive business energy plans for you as we are partners with energy service providers that offer extensive renewable energy source options such as solar and wind energy.

How can businesses save on energy costs?

Here are proven energy-saving tips that will significantly reduce your business energy costs and consumption:

Replace existing bulbs with CFLs and LEDs

CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) and LEDs (light-emitting diodes) last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and use far less energy. Replacing all the bulbs in your office or workplace with CFLs or LEDs can save you a lot of money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

Switch off equipment when not in use

Business electricity rates also depend on your energy consumption, so make sure to turn off any printers, scanners, microwaves, lights, air conditioners, or coffee vending machines on weekends and holidays. There are devices and appliances that continue to suck power even if they’re turned off. Unplugging them when not in use can also save business energy and reduce your utility bills. 

Upgrade all outdated equipment with Energy Star appliances

To reduce electricity costs, you need to replace outdated equipment with energy-saving ones. If your old heater or air system is not operating at peak efficiency, it may be consuming excessive power, costing you money. Replace obsolete heaters and air conditioners with energy-efficient models. 

Take advantage of tax breaks for energy efficiency

The local government may offer tax incentives to assist you with lowering your energy consumption. Some public business energy providers even provide bonuses for energy-saving measures.

With all these options, it is still a great move to find a suitable energy plan for your business that will help you cut costs on your energy bills. With Make it Cheaper, we can connect you with Australia’s leading energy retailers so having more business savings is within your reach. 

How to switch business energy providers in Australia?

If you want to switch business electricity providers in Australia quickly, Make it Cheaper can be your top choice. We offer a switch on the spot if you are not locked into a small business electricity plan. We are also partners with leading business electricity providers, so finding you a better deal is as straightforward as possible. 

To start, you simply need to fill out our online form. Once we have your information, we’ll compare rates from a range of providers and find the most competitive deal for your business. We’ll then help you switch to the new provider, so you can start saving money on your energy bills straight away.

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