Why use an energy bill comparison service?

Why use an energy bill comparison service?

Can you really save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per year by using a free service?

According to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), only 25% of Australians are confident the energy market is working in their interests.

In short, Australian SMEs and households find navigating different retailer offers confusing, with low confidence in their ability to choose an appropriate plan that will reduce their bills.

Small to medium business customers who use Make it Cheaper save on average $1,400 per year, while residential customers save about $315 per year depending on the state they live in.

Accurately compare different energy offers

Energy plans come in many flavours, making accurate like-for-like comparisons time consuming and complex.

Very broadly, energy bills have two cost components – a fixed daily supply charge and a charge for your actual electricity or gas usage.

However different plans between retailers can be structured by:

  • Time of day usage (with peak, off-peak and shoulder times differing between retailers)
  • Supply types such as ‘controlled load’ rates for specific appliances
  • Rates for different usage thresholds in a billing period
  • Discounts that can apply to the entire bill, usage component only and be dependant on paying the bill before the due date
  • Sign on incentives and rebates for new customers

Our expertise in energy comparison means that we can factor in these complications to quickly and accurately tell you how much you can save by switching to an alternative offer.

Using an energy comparison service means that you can compare with confidence in a single phone call and the plan you switch to will actually leave you better off.

One-on-one expert help from a real person

While government initiatives such as the Energy Made Easy website, Energy Switch from Service NSW and Victorian Energy Compare have been set up to help customers compare different offers in one centralised place, you won’t be able to talk to anyone to discuss your specific circumstances. These websites simply link to each individual retailer and it will be up to you move your account.

Using an energy comparison service such as Make it Cheaper is a better option if you’d prefer speak with a real person on the phone that will assist you to find a better deal.

Skip the admin

In addition to comparing multiple offers, we’ll also switch your account over to your new retailer and take care of the admin and paperwork. You won’t need to call into your existing or new energy retailer to switch and take advantage of cheaper rates.

Zero cost service for customers

Using Make it Cheaper’s comparison service won’t cost you any money or inflate the rates you pay. Instead, we earn a commission from the retailers on our panel when we refer new customers to them. As a signatory to the Energy Comparator Code of Conduct, we are committed to ensuring our customers are properly informed, treated fairly and will receive a high quality of customer service.

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