Who can switch

Who can switch business energy provider?

For the majority of Australians, cheaper energy prices are just one phone call away.
Residents and business owners in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland can freely switch electricity provider or gas retailers. These particular states now enjoy Full Retail Competition (FRC), which means you have every right to source better service and pricing.

Other states have their own unique restrictions. ACT residents can technically switch, but ActewAGL remains the state’s major provider, meaning there’s still no real competition in the region. If you live in Tasmania, you won’t be able to switch electricity provider since Aurora Energy is the state’s only retailer, however you can choose your gas supplier. Unfortunately Western Australia and Northern Territory residents aren’t currently able to switch providers.

Why do I need help switching?

The deregulation of energy prices in certain states is great news for Australian homes and businesses. But with so many plans and prices to choose from, how do you make sure you’re getting the best deal?
Make It Cheaper keeps the comparison process super simple, and it doesn’t cost you anything. We’ll help you compare a range of gas and electricity suppliers available in your region to find you some of the cheapest prices possible. It only takes a few minutes on the phone, but could save you hundreds on your annual energy bill.

What if I’m on a contract?

If you live in one of the above eligible states and you happen to be on a contract with your gas or electricity supplier, Make It Cheaper can still help you switch. However some retailers may charge an early termination fee if you’re still within the agreed contract period.

Do I have to sign a contract when I switch?

Generally the most competitive deals will involve an agreed term or contract. These are a guarantee of your discount, and means the retailer must provide the discounts that were agreed upon.

When you switch with Make It Cheaper, you simply agree to the contract terms over the phone and we then send you an information pack in the post with a ten-day cooling off period.

What’s in it for businesses?

Major savings! Many Australian businesses are paying more than they have to for their gas and electricity needs. With Make It Cheaper, we can do the price analysis and cost-cutting work for you. We’ll find you cheaper prices, give you a breakdown of potential savings and take you through the switching process. You then decide what you want to do – no obligations, just lots of choices to help you save.

Talk to one of our savings experts and see how much you can save by switching.