New premises

New business energy plans

Starting a new business or changing from your existing energy supplier? Get in touch with Make It Cheaper as our energy experts will be able to help guide you through the process.

Connect energy to your medium business

As a business owner, we understand the stress of starting up or moving your business to a new premise. Connecting a competitive energy offer to your business should not be stressful. With Make It Cheaper, we can ensure that your business is connected to a provider with competitive rates from our network of energy retailers effortlessly and quickly.

Get re-connected

In the turmoil of moving offices, picking a better energy supplier for your new gas or electricity connection is crucial. Picking the wrong energy tariff could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars – money which will be put to better use marketing your company and making sales!

If you need an urgent connection – call us now and we will not only find you a competitive deal from those available to us for you from our network of energy retailers, but ensure you are re-connected quickly.

Getting connected

Is your gas and electricity supply off, or does it need re-activating, do you know your new meter number or whether it’s actually connected to your premises? Don’t know? We do!

Make It Cheaper can do all this for you and make sure you get connected to a better supplier from our network of energy retailers for your business. No hassle, no worries, and completely free of charge to you the business owner.