Should you put outside lights on a timer?

While outdoor lights are a great safety feature, leaving your house lit up 24/7 is not the greenest option out there. 

So, should you put your outside lights on a timer? The answer is that it depends what you use them for.

When you're coming home late

As well as providing a lit area so you avoid trips up the garden path after a night out, outdoor lights have other benefits when you are coming home late.

Timers can set lights to turn on when you're due to get home, making it safer for you to get in the front door, without racking up your electricity prices.

As well as that, outdoor lights can also deter burglars, making it harder for them to enter your home.

Timers can also be used to switch lights off so you can be sure they don't waste power running all night.

When you're on holiday

Lighting timers can deter burglars at nighttime for two reasons. Firstly, lights make it look like someone is home, which can make it less attractive to rob. Secondly, they make your home more visible to your neighbours who might report any suspicious activity.

The downside of having an outdoor light on all the time is that it can indicate nobody is home to switch it off during the day, so your house could become a target for thieves.

Instead, consider attaching your lights to a timer when you are on holiday as it looks like somebody is still responsible for the lightswitch.

The downside of timers

One thing to be aware of is that timers are using power for a set period of time every day, which means they might use electricity when you don't need them. 

To lower your power bill, you could consider doing an electricity comparison to see if you could get a better deal, or you could look at other ways to light your outdoor area.

Is there a greener option?

It might be better to run exterior motion sensor lights if you are concerned about unwanted guests to your house, or if you often come home late.

These lights will only be triggered by movement, so they will not run all the time.

They may help you feel reassured because they can light up your chosen portion of the outdoors, meaning you can easily check to see what's happening if you hear a strange noise.

They provide the same level of security as lights on a timer but are a greener option that can also help you lower the cost of your electricity prices.