QLD gov't slams rise to electricity prices

The Queensland government has slammed a recommended increase to electricity prices of 21 per cent.

Queensland's Competition Authority (QCA) has suggested the rise, with the Newman government committing itself to doing what it can to reduce the impact experienced by families.

State treasurer Tim Nicholls said the rise is the direct responsibility of Labor.

He explained: "The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has been poorly managed by the Gillard government.

"Network costs, which are controlled by the Gillard Labor government, represent more than 50 per cent of today's proposed price increase and, when combined with green schemes and the carbon tax, it's above 70 per cent."

Mr Nicholls also named the solar rebate scheme, implemented by previous premier Anna Bligh, as another example of factors that are seeing electricity prices rise.

Queensland energy minister Mark McArdle said the government will be making a submission to the QCA for their response on the proposed price rise.

He explained the Newman government has introduced a number of initiatives to combat rises to electricity prices, which have been labelled as unsustainable.

Electricity suppliers Ergon and Energex have seen their operating and capital costs reduced by $2.1 billion over three years in a bid to assist consumers.

Posted by Charlie Moore