QLD energy minister rebukes Rob Oakeshott

Queensland energy minister Mark McArdle has come out swinging against independent MP Rob Oakeshott over what he says is an attempt to avoid blame for the carbon tax.

The federal member for Lyne on Monday (October 29) introduced a private members bill into parliament in an attempt to bring down electricity prices for households, but McArdle says that as Oakeshott voted in favour of a tax on carbon, he is being hypocritical.

"Mr Oakeshott has given the Gillard government a blank cheque and has repeatedly voted to introduce Labor 'green policies' - the main driver of electricity price increases," he said.

The Queensland MP says that an examination of the factors behind price rises comes back to the carbon tax, solar feed-in-tariffs and a renewable energy target scheme.

He went on to say that Oakeshott's "legislative publicity stunt" is contrasting with attempts by state and federal energy ministers to who are attempting to overhaul the energy sector and reduce the rate of price rises which are hurting the middle class.

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Posted by Charlie Moore