Premier Campbell Newman welcomes Origin Energy announcement

Queensland premier Campbell Newman has welcomed news that electricity supplier Origin Energy has abandoned plans to significantly hike prices for certain customers.

The announcement, which came from Origin Tuesday (July 17), bought the companies prices back into line with the government instigated "freeze" on the regulated general residential tariff, an initiative which was originally announced on April 23.

Mr Newman had previously been an outspoken opponent of the planned price hikes, which could have added up to $400 to yearly electricity costs for affected customers.

"I told [Origin chief executive officer Grant King] directly that my family were saving money by going to another provider and that the government would continue to encourage Queenslanders to shop around for the best deal on electricity prices," said Mr Newman in a statement released July 17.

"I welcome the decision by Origin to wind back their proposed price increases for Queenslanders on market contracts."

Last month, the Queensland government announced it would be investigating the option of cancelling 2,500 contracts between Origin and the state. According to Mr Newman, this announcement puts Origin back in the running for those contracts.

Mr Newman went on to declare the announcement as a "win for common sense" as well as "a win for cutting the cost of living for Queensland families", something which has been previously declared a priority for this Queensland government.

Posted by Charlie Moore