Government shows support for Vodafone network upgrades

The government has spoken out in support of news that Vodafone will be providing 4G network service from next year.

Minister for broadband, communications and the digital economy Stephen Conroy was firmly in favour of the announcement, noting that the upgrades would provide Australians with more choices when it comes to finding the best mobile plan to suit their needs.

"The Government welcomes Vodafone's enhancements to the capacity and reliability of its existing network, as well as the investment in its new 4G network," said Mr Conroy on June 27.

"We are seeing extraordinary growth in demand for mobile broadband capacity. Australians are increasingly using smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Deployment of 4G mobile networks will ensure consumers and businesses get the improved services they need."

Vodafone is also hoping that a planned upgrade of its 3G network, dubbed 3G+, will be completed by the end of 2012.

Rival telecommunications company Telstra launched its 4G service in several capital cities last year, while Optus is also aiming to have 4G networks online at some stage in 2013.

Posted by Eve Gillespie