ERM Power introduces ERM Business Energy brand

Electricity supplier ERM Power has announced it will be introducing a new brand, named ERM Business Energy, which will be used for all retail sales activities in the future.

The campaign was officially launched with an advertisement on page 13 of the July 17 issue of the Australian Financial Review, the first advertisement ever run in a mainstream publication by ERM.

According to ERM Business Energy general manager Terry McCauley, the new brand is intended to raise awareness in the large customer market and position ERM as a company with a reputation for innovation and quality service.

"While it’s the first time we’ve ever advertised, nothing is changing about ERM Power except the way we present ourselves in our branding," wrote Mr McCauley in an email sent out to customers and industry colleagues yesterday (July 17).

"In the past four years we’ve grown our business by offering a unique service, however we recognise that our future growth will require us to be more proactive in telling people why they should choose to deal with us."

ERM Power was first founded in 1980 as a specialist energy advisor, but has since grown to become one of the largest private sector energy companies in Australia, through offering competitive electricity prices and high quality, flexible services.

The company was rated number one for customer satisfaction in the UMI Customer Benchmarking Survey of retail electricity business customers, which was conducted by NTF Group in 2011.

Posted by Charlie Moore