Energy efficient fridges can save money in the long term

Replacing an old fridge with a new energy efficient model can help save a considerable amount of money on power bills - and with Boxing Day sales right around the corner and a new year beckoning, now could be a great time to consider making a new purchases.

The Australian government's Living Greener initiative suggests that replacing appliances is a great way to incorporate energy efficiency practices in your home without having to worry about making significant lifestyle changes.

An easy way to choose an energy efficient fridge is to begin by reading the energy rating label - or compare different makes and models of refrigerator online using the government's Energy Rating website.

Energy labels are easy to understand - the more stars your fridge has, the more energy efficient it is likely to be.

But there are other considerations to bear in mind when choosing a new fridge or freezer.

These appliances tend to run most efficiently - and therefore put the least strain on your electricity bill - when they are full or nearly full.

This means that it is a smart idea to ensure your refrigerator is the right size for your household. Of course, you'll want to ensure it isn't too small - but by the same token, a too-big fridge that is constantly under-filled can result in unnecessary expenditure on electricity bills.

One great tip for keeping fridges running efficiently - particularly when it's not quite time for another trip to the grocery store - is to fill in the empty spaces with bottles of water.

It is also essential to remember that appliances - like fridges and freezers - are designed to run for many years, so investing in a high-quality, efficient model could pay off in the long term.

In fact, you may pay more to run your appliance over a number of years than it cost to initially purchase it.

If your new year's resolutions include keeping tabs on how much you spend on bills, there could be an easy way to address the problem.

Electricity prices can vary by supplier - and you may find that there are other tariffs available in your area that offer better value for your family.

Speaking to a comparison service may be a good first step - if the representative is able to find you a better deal, they will also be able to assist you with the process of switching.

Posted by Charlie Moore