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We compare electricity prices from Australia's top energy retailers1  

The easy way to compare business electricity plans

It takes just one phone call to start saving money for your business.

At Make it Cheaper, we’re dedicated to saving Australian small to medium businesses time and money. We’ve found that 4 in 5* Australians are overpaying on their energy bills and could reduce their costs by switching to a different plan from one of the retailers on our comparison panel.


How does it work?

Simply enter your details in the form on this page or call us on 1300 957 721 and have a recent bill ready. We’ll use your actual usage details, current rates and discounts and compare them to what you would have paid on a recommended plan from our panel of multiple retailers.

If you’re happy with our recommended retailer or plan and the savings you could make, we’ll even switch your account for you.

This means we save your from dealing with retailers directly as we’ll handle the whole switching process and all the paperwork for you over the phone.

How much can I save?

On average, we’ve found businesses could save an average of $1,100 per year2 by simply switching to a better offer from one of the retailers on our panel. We've helped over 150,000 Australians save on their energy bills.

Note that individual savings will vary depending on your business’ usage, existing rates and discounts, and the rates and discounts available from our panel at the time we perform your comparison.

If we cannot find you a saving compared to your existing electricity or gas plan, we will not recommend you switch you retailers as per the Make it Cheaper Savings Guarantee.

Will I experience a loss of power by switching?

You will not experience an interruption in your electricity of gas supply by switching retailers.

How much does it cost?

Our comparison service is completely free and we don’t mark up the rates you’ll pay by switching through us. Make it Cheaper receives a fee from retailers on our panel that we switch new customers to.

Why Make it Cheaper for business electricity?

We specialise in finding electricity and gas savings for Australian businesses.

Energy bills for business accounts are often higher and more complex than standard residential bills due to demand charges, multi-sites and other factors, so it’s important to use an experienced business energy broker you can trust.

If you are a large energy user, our Commercial and Industrial energy team can negotiate a better deal on your behalf.


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Radisson Blu saved $100,000 on Energy Bills

Make it Cheaper saved Radisson Blu - Sydney, approximately $100,000 during their 3 year electricity contract period.

We achieved this by putting their energy contract out to tender and negotiating a competitive energy deal for them.

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Great service

by Brian marshall on 13-Oct-2018

Make it cheaper we’re very professional and knowledgeable. They knew their product and could not do enough to help. Were not pushy as had spoken wi...

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Easy way to save money on your energy bills.

by Brian on 09-Oct-2018

Make it cheaper are easy to deal with. They do all the shopping around for you and they follow up if energy prices change to keep you on the best d...

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Service the best

by Derek on 11-Oct-2018

This was so easy to complete and didn't take all day.Would recommend Make it Cheaper to everyone who wants to save money .

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Thanks so much for making moving house easier!

by Sarah on 05-Oct-2018

I used make it cheaper for setting up my new connection in my new house and it saved me a lot of time and stress comparing companies myself! Thanks...

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Very easy to deal with

by Ccee on 12-Oct-2018

Great to have a ‘real’ person to deal with, who you can directly contact by email or phone. Thanks a lot!

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1 Retailer availability is based on the commercial relationships Make It Cheaper has with the retailers on our panel

2 Make it Cheaper compared actual customer's usage, kW/h tariffs and applicable discounts against what they would have paid under the recommended current offers from its panel of multiple energy retailer partners between January to June 2018. Average savings figures were calculated from energy users who chose switch from their existing plan or retailer to the a new one recommended by Make it Cheaper. Make it Cheaper Australia does not compare all energy offers in the market.

3 Based on an analysis of bill comparisons by Make it Cheaper between 2009 to August 2018.

* Based on an analysis of bill comparisons by Make it Cheaper between January to June 2018.

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