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Indeed, having the freedom to choose your business energy plans not only provides the ability to compare business electricity plans but also allows you to maximise business savings.

At Make it Cheaper, our Energy Experts can help businesses looking to save time and money on their energy bills. As partners of renowned energy retailers in Australia, we can assure you that getting competitive deals with us and keeping you on track of your business’s electricity activities are what we value the most.

What are the different types of energy plans? 

With hundreds of deals available in the market, narrowing down your options for business energy plans can be quite overwhelming. In addition, business electricity suppliers vary in prices and rates per business energy plan, so the secret to choosing the best business electricity plans is to first understand its different types. Here are the two main types of energy plans that you may come across when checking electricity companies for business:

Default offers 

This plan is also referred to as a ‘standard retail contract’, which is a plan that adheres to energy regulations. When it comes to regulated markets, there’s often little variation in business electricity plans, and if you haven’t changed retailers or haven’t contacted a retailer about an energy contract, chances are you may be on a default type of contract. 

Market contract

If you would like to switch to another business electricity provider, a market offer is a good business electricity plan to consider. Designed by energy retailers, these contracts have a minimum set of terms and conditions, which may include incentives like discounts and rebates that last for a year or two, depending on the plan. Additionally, base rates are set by business energy providers, meaning business electricity rates and prices can change once the benefit period has ended. 

To fully assess your small business’s electricity needs and find the appropriate business energy plans, get a free energy review from Make it Cheaper and unlock our competitive deals from our partner energy retailers. 

Are green energy plans suitable for business electricity?

Business electricity providers are increasingly participating in environmental stewardship by trying to switch to energy-efficient business energy plans. In a country that enjoys plenty of sunshine, Australian businesses can even benefit from solar bonus schemes like a solar feed-in tariff (FiT) – a small credit rebate consumers receive for surplus electricity generated by solar energy, which is eventually sold back to the grid. With this, your business can support the initiative of reducing carbon footprint and support clean energy in the long run.

If you’d like to help the green movement, Make it Cheaper can help you. We take pride in our partnership with Australian energy companies that are pioneers in the country’s shift to using renewable and green energy. Check out our list of partners to begin your business energy plan comparisons.

What factors should be considered when choosing business energy plans?

Prices fluctuate based on many factors, which can make determining how much energy you use difficult; the electricity grid as a whole wasn’t designed to be simple to understand. For a start, considering these key aspects can help you stay on top of your business energy expenses for more financial gains.

Electricity tariff 

This is the price structure you choose and varies based on what kind of power tariff you’re on. Depending on your meter installation and location, you may have a single rate tariff. This means you’ll always pay the same rate regardless of what time of day you use it. There is also a time-of-use tariff, wherein you’d be charged different rates at different times of the day. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient approach, analysing your small business consumption habits can reveal ways to stay on top of costs. For example, energy-intensive operations can be shifted to times when rates are low, so significant savings can be made.

Variable Rate vs Fixed Rate

Comparing the opportunities and limitations of variable-rate plans to fixed-rate plans can help you evaluate your savings options. Small businesses, for example, are likely to value an energy strategy that is predictable, consistent, and easy to manage since the budget for flexibility tends to be limited. Thus, they may find that fixed rates provide peace of mind as a fixed per-kilowatt-hour rate won’t go up even if market prices rise.

Energy supply proximity to your business

The transmission fee, which covers the cost of bringing electricity to your business, is one of the factors that affect electricity prices. Transmission fees may be lower for businesses close to power plants than for those further away.

To easily compare business electricity rates and choose one that best fits your business needs, partner with Make it Cheaper. Through our services, we can help you find the most competitive deals in the market and connect you with the country’s most trusted energy suppliers. 


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