Victoria has the most competitive energy market in Australia

VaasaETT, a global energy think tank based in Finland, has announced that for the fifth year in a row Victoria has one of the worlds most competitive energy markets, with around 20% of households and small business switching every year.

Presented against the other Australian states that have created openly competitive switching markets, Victoria has been markedly more successful.

In 2009 26 per cent of Victorian electricity and gas customers chose to switch to another retailer in 2009, whilst 12.2 per cent made the change in South Australia,  11.5 per cent in Queensland, and a meagre 9.2 per cent in New South Wales.

Make It Cheaper says: "The devil is in the detail.  Whilst Victoria is doing well in terms of actual customers switching, the key is whether or not they got the best deal available to them when they switched.  The vast majority of these customer will have switched via an energy suppliers door-to-door sales person, or telesales rep.  Given these guys only put one offer on the table, the customer is blind to whether or not there are better deals in the market place.

Compare this to the UK where around 1 million businesses and home owners switch via comparison services every year, those customers can be assured that they are getting the best deal for them, through and independent service.

Victoria has the most competitive energy market in Australia - but the question we need to ask ourselves is 'Are customers better off?'

It's quite clear that the government needs to realise that it's not just about switching, it's more important that the customer is aware they have choice and how to go about getting the best deal."