AGL Energy and Powerdirect Price Increase

Following TRU Energy's price rises in May, AGL Energy and Powerdirect have followed suit with their owner electricity price increases, effective as of 1st July 2010.

Business customers in Victoria can expect increases anywhere from 2% up to 14% on their current electricity bills.

AGL Energy is the incumbent supplier in the United Energy and Jemena distribution regions.  For customers being supplied in the Jemena region, they can expect increases of just 2% whilst customers in the United Energy regions will see average increases of 10%.

Tim Wolfenden, CEO of comments: "These price increases should come as no surprise, nor should it be surprising that some of these increases are 'double-digit'.  The key of course is for customers to understand what these changes mean for them personally.

We would advise any AGL or Powerdirect customer who are now being informed of these increases to check their rates against other retailers in the market, and ensure that they are still competitive.  Where they are not, then we always advise switching to a cheaper retailer.

Over the course of the past 6-months, we've seen a number of Powerdirect customers on very competitive rates.  The concern is that if these rates are now going up, these customers could see considerable increases.  They really need to keep an eye of their next bill, as they could be impacted by some significantly higher rates."