Christmas Energy Saving Tips

Christmas Energy Saving Tips

Christmas can be an expensive time of year. From extra fuel consumption when visiting friends and family to buying gifts for loved ones, it can sometimes seem as though it is impossible to make savings or cut backs at this time of year. Fortunately this isn’t the case, and with a few handy tips on reducing your energy consumption you can actually save a few dollars over the festive season.

As an early gift to you, we at Make It Cheaper have put together a short list of some really easy energy saving tips you can put in place over Christmas time to help you reduce your energy consumption and lower those festive bills.

Energy Saving Tip #1 Deck The Halls with LED Lights

Choose LED or solar powered lights when decorating your home this Christmas LED lighting uses less than half the amount of electricity than standard lighting so by making this simple change you can reap the benefits when your energy bill arrives at the end of December. Make sure to buy good quality lights, too, as they can be used for years to come!

Energy Saving Tip #2 Spend Time ‘Unplugged’

Christmas is a time for friends and family, so make sure you take the time to unplug and spend some good quality time together! Whether you choose to head outdoors and enjoy the weather or fancy a night at home there are plenty of things you can do without using energy. Don’t forget to unplug televisions and computers from the wall socket when enjoying your time unplugged, as electrical goods kept on standby still drain electricity.

Energy Saving Tip #3 Fan Vs. Air Conditioner

At this time of year, temperatures can soar and it can be very tempting to keep the air conditioning on all day. However there is no need, give the air conditioner a break for a while and plug in a fan instead. Fans use a lot less electricity than an air conditioning unit so this can really decrease your energy bills.

Energy Saving Tip #4 Choose Energy Efficient Gifts

If you’re buying a loved one an electrical gift this Christmas, don’t leave them with a big bill at the end of each month in 2016! Make sure you check the energy star rating of any electrical goods before you buy them and choose an energy efficient model.

Energy Saving Tip #5 Let Us Treat You to a Cheaper Energy Tariff

For savings on your energy bill all year round, why not give us a call? In less time that it takes to hang up a string of lights you could be on track to save up to $315* on your electricity and gas bills. To find out more about how our free service tailored to you can help you save both time and money when switching energy suppliers why not request a quote?