5 reasons to choose Make it Cheaper for business loan support

5 reasons to choose Make it Cheaper for business loan support

Borrowing money is an inevitable part of running a successful business. Loans enable businesses to upgrade their equipment and facilities, to expand into new markets, and to cover costs when times are tough. Yet not all business loans – or lenders – suit all businesses equally.

Make It Cheaper specialises in supporting businesses to find the right loan for their unique purposes and financial situation. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose us when securing your next business loan.  

It pays to compare options before taking out a loan 

Make it Cheaper’s dedicated loan team supports businesses to compare options and find the loan that best suits their unique situation, saving customers time, effort and money. The Australian business loan market is now more complex than ever. With so many traditional and disruptive lenders operating in Australia, and with such a vast array of business loan types available, it pays to compare options before taking out a loan. Shopping around before signing any contracts allows your business to get better interest rates, conditions, and repayment terms. Yet not all business operators have the time and energy to research the loan market and run their own exhaustive comparisons. 

We know the business loan market

Our brokers have intimate knowledge of the Australian business loan market. We have access to over 80 lending institutions, both banks and non-bank lenders. Our established relationships with these lenders give us unmatched insight into the full range of finance options available for small business borrowers. Plus, our relationships with lenders allow us to advocate for our customers, ensuring they can secure the finance they need, when they need it.  

We know our customers

Not all businesses have the same requirements or preferences when it comes to borrowing money. Some need finance immediately and will pay their debt off quickly; others are in no hurry to secure a loan and have the time to shop around. Some businesses may be eligible for an unsecured loan, whereas others will need to provide security in the form of an asset. Our brokers take the time to understand our customers’ unique financial position and borrowing preferences. We start the process by finding out who our customers are, what their business profile is, what they need a loan for, and how their finances currently look. Taking the time to do this research allows us to provide individually tailored service to all our customers. 

We only work with verified lenders

The Australian lending market has exploded in recent years. Going back two decades, big banks were the go-to option for any business loan. Now, FinTech companies and other non-traditional lenders are competing with the big banks for market supremacy. For business owners and borrowers, this competition is good news in that it drives better terms, rates and conditions. However, the explosion of finance options also means that businesses may struggle to determine whether their loan provider is operating within the regulated sphere, or whether they’re potentially a scammer. That’s why Make It Cheaper only works with verified lenders – whether banks or non-traditional providers – and it’s why trusting us to secure your business loan ensures it will come from a trustworthy source. 

We offer fast, hassle-free, honest service

We pride ourselves on the speed, ease, and honesty of our business loan services. For borrowers who need finance fast, we can typically secure a loan in a matter of days. We also take care of the paperwork throughout the process, saving customers time and effort, and we can leverage our market position to get the best interest rates and repayment terms available for our customers. Finally, we are completely open and honest about what our customers are signing up for: There are no hidden fees and our conditions are straightforward and easy to get your head around.

At Make It Cheaper, we regularly review the business loan market and have access to over 80 lenders to secure individually tailored business finance options for our customers.

Compare business loans with Make it Cheaper or call us on 1300 098 338 and speak with a Business Lending Expert today.