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Following decades of sustained growth, worldwide publicity, and significant international investment, Sydney is now widely considered as one of the worlds’ major cities. The first city most people would associate with Australia, Sydney is stretching its image beyond its picturesque landscape and now boasts flourishing finance, science, and technology sectors. That growth is not stopping, with a Gross Regional Product of over $130 billion. Sydney’s significant financial prowess makes it a considerably attractive prospect for investors, but makes it challenging for the businesses that already exist here. Not only are more competitors than ever now crowding the markets, but what it takes to maintain a business in the Emerald City is also changing.

If you are a business owner or operator in Sydney, you are likely to be facing increased operating costs that can impact  your bottom line. If your electricity and gas costs are causing you pain, read on to find out how to find a cheaper energy plan.

How to find your Sydney business a cheaper energy deal

Researching multiple providers to find an energy plan that suits your needs can take a long time and even then, identifying a competitive plan to save you money may still be difficult to determine. 

It is an ideal time to get a FREE energy health check to see if there is a better plan for you – the energy experts at Make It Cheaper do the hard work for you, saving you money to put back into your pocket and hours to put back into your day. 

So, let’s look at some of the business electricity and gas providers in Sydney. 

Electricity and gas providers in Sydney 

Sydney businesses are paying too much for their electricity bills. 

Make It Cheaper provides energy comparison & tendering services through multiple retailers to find your Sydney business a competitive energy solution as well as offering a choice of retailers including some that are carbon neutral. 

For Sydney, these retailers include: Origin, Energy Australia, Alinta, Simply Energy, Momentum Energy, Next Business Energy, AGL and more. 

Each retailer has different tariffs and discounts so even if one retailer is great value for one customer, they aren’t necessarily competitive for another, it all depends on how much electricity or gas you use, the time of day you use your energy, where you are located and whether you are a residential, business or commercial energy user.  

Find a business energy plan in Sydney 

The Make It Cheaper energy experts carefully analyse the energy needs of your business against the plans and service offerings of their energy suppliers in Sydney and on average, find small business customers in Sydney & the NSW area $1,153 per year*. If your business is in Sydney, they can identify cost-effective business energy providers to help save your business money. Not stopping there, Make It Cheaper will also set up your energy contract in just one call to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. 

Ongoing energy savings for your Sydney business is also easy due to another free service called DiFY, which will help you get on and stay on competitive rates. Two months before your contract is about to end, they review the market to find a new plan for you and prevent you from rolling onto often expensive default offers. 

Are you a large market or commercial energy user? 

Typically, you fall into this category if you use 100 MWh or more per year or spend approx $2000 a month or more on your energy bills. Your energy bill will also provide information as to if you are a small or large energy customer. 

Small business energy bills will have a similar appearance to a residential energy bill, whilst large market energy bills will have various charges such as: Energy Charges, Network Charges, Environmental Charges, Regulated Charges, Metering & Services Charge or Retail Service charges. 

Traditionally with large market energy contracts, you lock in a rate ahead of your contract expiry for a contract term based on your business's long and short-term goals. 

Sounds confusing? 

The commercial arm of Make It Cheaper, MIC Energy Brokers can simplify the often-confusing world of large market energy, they act as your outsourced energy procurement partner by providing expertise in network tariffs, green energy solutions (PPA’s), carbon offset plans and can help identify a time to lock in future energy rates via their no obligation tendering service. As part of this tendering service, you will get a full breakdown of every offer received on your behalf so that you can see exactly what you would pay and what you would receive from multiple retailers. 

If you have multiple locations, they also provide expertise in multi-site energy procurement, to optimise pricing, saving you time & admin hours. 

With 80% of Aussie businesses overpaying on energy^, it is the ideal time for your business to minimise costs and overheads. Make It Cheaper understands this the most, which is why their specialised energy team is committed to finding Sydney Business owners and managers competitive energy offers. 

Leave your details now for a FREE energy health check and find out if there is cheaper electricity, gas or solar feed-in tariff to save you money. 

Are you overpaying on your energy bills? Get your FREE energy comparison now. Find savings now.

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