Top 10 energy saving tips

Don’t pay more than you have to for energy. Here are ten easy ways to keep your power bills down.

1. Unplug it
Just because it’s not being used, doesn’t mean it’s not using electricity. Unplug unused appliances – they’ll chew through power even when they’re turned off.

2. See the light
Switch incandescent bulbs for energy efficient globes, like LEDs. They last longer, pump out less heat and use less energy to light a room.

3. Out with the old
Ancient appliances may be cheap to buy, but they can cost a fortune in energy use. Consider replacing your old computers or fridges with more energy-efficient models.

4. Stay frosty
Your office fridge uses energy 24/7, so it’s worth checking the door seal. Close the door on a strip of paper and see how easily you can pull it free. If the seal is loose, it may be time to get a new one...or a new fridge

5. Cold power
Avoid using hot water when you can. Wash your clothes in cold water, and boil cold water in a kettle rather than reaching for the hot tap.

6. Solar smart
Brighten up garden paths with solar lights. They store energy during the day and automatically light up when the sun goes down without adding a cent to your power bills.

7. The night shift
Power is cheaper at night on some energy contracts. Night can be a great time to charge your phone, pop on the dishwasher or do a load of washing. Check the details on your contract to see if you can save at night.

8. Keep the hot air out
Keep the heat inside during winter and the hot air out in summer by sealing up any gaps and cracks in external walls, floors and ceiling

9. Cooling
Only heat or cool and light rooms you are using. Where possible, zone your lighting and ducted heating or cooling and close off doors to unoccupied rooms.

10. Get staff or family on side
Enlist your staff or family to help use less energy. Show them the latest energy bill and get them to brainstorm ways to reduce it. Getting them to come up with solutions will help them take ownership of the problem.