You can never save enough energy

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You can never learn enough tips for saving energy - each and every one will help you to save on your electricity or gas bill, making life just that much easier.

It's no wonder people are stressing about their bills with rising electricity prices on everyone's mind, but the best thing you can do for you and your household is take some simple measures to cut your own consumption until prices balance out.

For instance, did you know that you can save on energy by cooking with smaller appliances? For instance using the microwave cooks items faster than say, an oven, therefore it saves on electricity.

When you're buying an appliance such as a fridge or freezer, look for the smallest one that can accommodate your household's needs. The bigger the appliance, the more energy it will take to run! Perhaps your home only needs a mini-freezer - if so, you'll save buckets on your power bill.

It's also a good idea to run short loads on your dishwasher and clothes washing appliances. Only turn them on when you've got a full load, and make it a short one to save on water and heating - it's likely this will be sufficient unless your items are highly soiled.

If possible, run your washing machine near the hot water cylinder. This way, hot water doesn't have to travel so far from the source to the machine, and so less heat is lost or wasted on the way.

Instead of flicking all the lights on as soon as you wake up, try to make the most of natural light. How illuminated is your house once you open all the curtains and blinds? Your home may receive more light than you really realise, as often many doors and curtains are left closed without thought.

At night time, only turn on the lights you really need. The whole house doesn't need to be lit if you're just going to be staying in one room. Remember, as soon as you leave a room, switch the light off! It may sound pedantic, but these are the things which are really going to add up if you want to save money on your bills.

Another easy thing you can do is unplug your devices as soon as they're not in use. Whether it be the kitchen toaster, the television, the computer or the microwave, you can save masses of energy simply by pulling out the plug.

Posted by Matthew Cole