WWF report sees Australia losing the clean energy race

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The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) has released a new document finding Australia to be lagging behind the rest of the world in clean energy production

Clean Economy, Living Planet lists the top 25 out of 40 countries when it comes to manufacturing renewable energy technology, and Australia has failed to make the cut.

World leaders China and the USA topped the rankings in absolute production, but when scaled by GDP, Denmark, China and Germany are the top three countries.

Australia placed 26th in the rankings, an improvement from 30th in 2009 - 2010, but still a disappointing result.

Countries rated included the 27 EU member states and the G7 countries, among others.

"While Australia’s ranking had improved this year, clearly more needs to be done if we are to keep pace with our trading partners in Asia”, said WWF national climate change manager Kellie Caught.

Clean energy has massive environmental benefits, but it can also impact electricity prices. Construction of solar and wind plants are expensive, and these costs are often passed on to consumers, or must be subsidised by state governments.

Nonetheless, the WWF believe it is prudent for Australia to invest in more renewable energy. 

“Australia has a proud history in machinery and equipment manufacturing as well as strong supply chains. With the right policies, Australia is perfectly placed to take advantage of the clean tech boom”, added Ms Caught.

Posted by Charlie Moore