Would you consider solar panels?

A growing number of Australians are turning to solar panel systems on the roofs of their homes to help generate their electricity needs. This is partly because of the pressure conventional electricity prices are putting on households, and partly because of a strengthening commitment to environmentally friendly principles.

Rooftop solar panel systems in Australia

To date, over 1 million Australian households have adopted solar power and this number continues to grow every day. It's no surprise, given Australia's plentiful amounts of sunshine, that solar power is so popular.

If you haven't already invested in a rooftop solar panel system, what is it that may convince you to make the switch?

In the past few years, states and territories across Australia have implemented a number of solar feed-in tariffs, rebates and incentives to encourage the proliferation of the technology. More recently, some of these incentives have been phased out or lowered, but Australians are still putting up a fight to make sure that solar power and households that choose to use this technology are supported.

This was most clearly demonstrated when the Western Australian government - which has always been known for its generous and effective solar schemes -  reversed its decision earlier this August to make cuts to the solar feed-in tariffs. The government came to this decision after intense public backlash and admitted that it had got it wrong, hence why they backed down. Similarly in Tasmania, residents have been assured by the government that their solar benefits will remain stable for at least the next five years.

What solar panels could mean for you

Depending on the size of the solar panel system you buy, it your solar system can either cater for all your energy needs, or just a portion of them. While they can be an initially expensive investment, most systems are thought to pay themselves off within a matter of years due to the savings they help households to make on utility bills.

It may also hearten you to know that the more Australians who chose to embrace such renewable technologies, the more this solar power will be accepted on a wider scale, as they prove their efficacy and as the consumer shows that they value this method of energy generation.

Only you can decide if a rooftop solar panel system is the right choice for you, but it's definitely something to consider.

Posted by Matthew Cole