World Green Building Week

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Buildings that are constructed or retrofitted to be more energy efficient can have significant benefits to the environment and to the owner's power bills.

This week, the advantages of these buildings are being celebrated in World Green Building Week. Fewer carbon emissions and reduced pressure from high electricity prices are just a couple of the rewards these buildings offer.

During this week, leaders in sustainable development from around the world celebrate and promote green buildings and how they can contribute to healthier and more productive, profitable and prosperous futures. The overarching theme of the event is Greener Buildings, Better Places, Healthier People.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) along with other members of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) will work together to highlight how sustainable building can benefit society.

Throughout the week there is a myriad of events taking place around the world and in Australia to work towards this purpose. Around 98 countries and over 25,000 organisations will host events and run campaigns.

All week in Australia there are Sustainable Walking Tours being held that showcase some of the country's best Green Star-rated buildings. These are happening in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

On Wednesday 18, Romilly Madew (from the the GBCA), Jane Henley (WorldGBC) and Brian Wilkinson (South Africa GBC) will answer questions on twitter about green building under the hashtag #WGBW2013chat. The discussion will begin at 3:30pm AEST for those interested in finding out more about green building.

On Friday 20, head to the One One One Eagle Street building in Brisbane, which is hailed as an exemplary showcase of sustainability. The project team will present a fascinating and insightful in-depth case study on the building.

You can also head to the Brookfield Place Tower which is targeting a 5 Star Green Star certification. Here, the project team will explain how the both style and sustainability work together.

"Green buildings are simply better buildings.  In Australia, Green Star-rated buildings produce 62 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, use 66 per cent less electricity and consume 51 per cent less potable water than average Australian buildings.  They also send a fraction of the waste to landfill," said Ms Madew.

"But green buildings are not just good for the planet – they are good for people too.  Sustainable buildings are boosting student test scores, accelerating patient recovery rates, improving worker productivity and slashing energy bills."

Are you taking part in World Green Building Week?

Posted by Charlie Moore