Woolworths unveils first virtual supermarket

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Phone users will now be able to make the most of their best mobile plan to shop at a virtual Woolworths supermarket.

The company has placed images of more than 120 of its most popular products on the walls of Town Hall station in Sydney, which can be virtually purchased and delivered to people's homes.

Firstly, mobile phone users must download the Woolworths app to their handset, which can be used to scan the barcodes of products on the supermarket wall.

They are then added to the shopping list before the order is placed and paid for, meaning all customers need to do is wait for the delivery.

Tjeerd Jegen, Woolworths director of supermarkets, said: "The virtual supermarket wall is just one idea we are working on to make our customers' lives easier.

"The virtual supermarket will be at Town Hall for a week and we will take feedback from customers throughout this time."

Various other features can be found on the Woolworths app, including the ability to create, edit and save shopping lists, which can also be shared with other customers.

Woolworths recently released details of its carbon reduction strategy, which has proved particularly successful over the past year.

Posted by Eve Gillespie