Winning zero carbon home to be built in SA

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As the concern for eco-friendly and renewable energy rises in both the public and private sectors, some organisations are striving to further research, development and support for green initiatives.

South Australia's Zero Carbon Challenge is an example of such a scheme.

The competition encouraged designers, architects, engineers and builders to draw up plans for a residence that impacted as little as possible on the environment.

The brief requested a three-bedroom home that attended to the embodied and operating impact for the lifetime of the structure, with the top design to be built at Lochiel Park Green Village in Campbelltown.

Yesterday the winning team, Collaborative Future, was announced.

Construction on the home - which utilises leafy green plants as walls, to shade during the summer months and to allow the sun inside when the leaves drop in winter - will begin later this year.

Next time you compare electricity prices, keep future developments and possible savings in mind. Research into alternative forms of energy is ongoing and becoming encouraged more by state and national government - it may impact the way we view resources in the very near future.

Posted by Charlie Moore