Window panels could generate solar electricity

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A new innovation from technology firm 3M could help households improve their energy efficiency and generate their own electricity at the same time.

Yasuhiro Aoyagi, a senior manager in 3M's construction markets division, unveiled a new adhesive solar film at the Ceatec electronics conference in Japan this week.

The transparent film can be easily fitted into ordinary windows to transform them into solar panels. According to IDG News Service, Aoyagi asserted that the new invention - which is set to be released next year - is easy enough for the "average person" to install without professional assistance.

3M's solar film is crafted from an organic photovoltaic material and when fitted into windows, is capable of generating enough electricity to power an iPhone - about 20 per cent of the power produced by traditional solar panels.

Homeowners and businesses that choose to utilise the new film may also find that it has the potential to cut down on heating and cooling costs, as it absorbs more than 90 per cent of infrared light and 80 per cent of visible light.

Of course, you can already cut down on the amount of heat lost in the winter - or cool air in the summer - by ensuring that you have blinds or curtains on your windows.

If you are concerned about electricity prices and the cost of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, you may also wish to contact a switching service to see if there is a better energy deal available in your area.

Posted by Charlie Moore