Windfarms 'make electricity prices cheaper'

Victoria should follow the lead of South Australia when it comes to renewable energy generation, according to one non-profit organisation.

Matthew Wright, executive director of Beyond Zero Emissions, remarked this week (August 30) that if Victorian premier Ted Baillieu embraced wind energy developments, the result could be cheaper electricity prices across the state.

Citing South Australia as an example, he identified that the state has been able to make considerable electricity savings since the widespread adoption of wind power.

Wind, he explained, provided approximately one-fifth of South Australia's total electricity in 2010.

"When the wind is blowing, it provides the cheapest source of electricity to the network and reduces the need for more expensive electricity generated by coal and gas power plants," Wright explained.

He made his remarks after the Baillieau government announced restrictive planning laws for windfarms, with turbines banned in the Yarra Valley, on the Mornington Peninsula and within five kilometres of the Bass Coast and the Great Ocean Road.

Victoria residents who live within a certain distance of a proposed windfarm will also be given the authority to veto the project if they oppose it.

However, Victorians have other opportunities to make their energy bills cheaper. Comparing electricity suppliers help people determine whether they are on the best deal to suit their particular circumstances.