Why don't unsatisfied phone customers switch?

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There are a number of reasons why consumers may want to switch telecommunications providers.

Issues such as unreliable coverage, surprise billing charges or poor customer service can all lead a person to think it is time to start shopping around.

Yet many don't actually end up making the switch, and instead choose to endure a disappointing experience.

Key reasons why this occurs have been highlighted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

In a May 2011 study, 17 per cent of consumers did not change suppliers because they thought the process of switching would be too hard.

Another ten per cent said that they didn't think the other providers would offer a difference in service.

Other reasons cited included not having enough time to look at other options and compare packages and prices, as well as consumers having 'always been with them' and staying out of habit.

Most of these reasons are unfounded and many customers simply aren't aware of how easy it is to get the best mobile plan.

A helpful switching service can compare phone plans for you - saving valuable time - and let you know what your options are for alternative plans.