Why do I need to compare electricity suppliers?

You may be surprised to know that there are circumstances where electricity prices may vary amongst different electricity suppliers.

Being aware of this is the first step to making more savings on your energy bill.

Electricity suppliers do not openly advertise changes to their billing system and this could mean that you may be on an older pricing plan which may not be satisfying your needs.

This may provide you with an incentive to compare electricity pricing plans to see if it is the most economical option for you.

Comparing electricity suppliers also means you could help to reduce your carbon footprint because if you can reduce your energy use then you can lessen your impact on the environment.

Finding out which electricity provider is the most carbon conscious could influence your decision to change energy companies.

Switching electricity plans has the potential to save you money. Perhaps you could look at how much power your household consumes on a monthly basis and see whether your current plan is the best deal for your needs.

It is worth conducting an electricity comparison because some suppliers offer plans with cheaper rates for energy used in off peak periods.

This could be an optimal way for your household to decrease your electricity bill.