Why choose gas for the kitchen?

Using an alternative to electricity in the kitchen can have both epicurean and financial benefits.

Not only are the prices of gas usually a lot more economical and friendlier to the household budget, this particular power substitute is easier to cook with because of its heat adjustment capability - and it is much better for the environment in general.

For those used to electric hobs, a switch to gas can be particularly beneficial for cooking which requires quick heat adjustments - for example dishes which need to change from a high to low heat fairly rapidly, like sauces.

Compared to the slow-cooling heat plates usually found on electrical stove tops, gas hobs heat with a flame beneath a metal frame - once the flame size is reduced the temperature beneath the pot or frying pan similarly goes down.   

Gas can heat up your oven cavity faster than electric power as well, meaning you spend less time waiting for the correct temperature to be reached before cooking can begin.

It also produces a humid heat which is friendlier to tender meats and cakes because it minimises drying and shrinking.

Posted by Callum Fleming