What window coverings are most efficient for my home?

Windows have the potential to lead to significant loss of heat throughout the day, which is why they need special attention when you're making your home more energy efficient.

Choosing the right window coverings could save considerable amounts on your electricity and gas prices year after year, so a little research really can go a long way.

Here are some suggestions for energy efficient window coverings you might want to think about in your property.

Interior blinds

Installing blinds in your property not only provides an attractive addition to your windows, but they can also prevent heat gain and loss.

Blinds work by trapping the air behind the slats, which prevents it from entering the room and cooling it down or heating it up to the extreme.

The best part is that if you have radiators installed underneath your windows then you can still reap the benefits during the winter months. Curtains can often cause the heat to become trapped, meaning you don't feel the impact quite so much.


Have you ever seen awnings and wondered what value they offer? The fact is they can reduce solar heat gain in your property quite significantly, especially on south-facing windows.

This makes them especially functional in hotter parts of the country where you might want to keep interior temperatures at bay.

The idea is that hot air can no longer become trapped around the window, reducing the need for you to switch on air conditioning units and other cooling equipment.


Did you know that the type of window frame you choose can have a significant impact on how well your property retains heat? Aluminium frames are the worst offenders, as the seals around them typically aren't as secure as other models.

PVC is one of the most popular options these days - and with good reason. Plastic can be sealed effectively, reducing the amount of air that is lost as a result of a faulty seal.


Although curtains might not be the most efficient means of controlling the temperature in your home, they can play a part.

During the colder months, curtains are effective at trapping cold air and preventing it from entering the room. They are not quite as functional in warmer climates, which is where you might want to take a closer look at alternative options.

Just make sure when you hang the curtains that heat can still be dissipated from the radiator, otherwise there's little point in you switching the heating on!

Posted by Richard West