What keeps phone customers happy with their provider?

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We are all aware of what drives consumers crazy when it comes to phone companies, but what about the things that create a happy experience?

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released a report which details the key drivers of satisfaction, giving insight to the kinds of experiences that lead customers to be faithful to their provider.

According to the report: "Consumers value most highly being able to have issues resolved satisfactorily in a timely way."

Should a company respond quickly to any issue, the customer is more likely to see their service return to normal and feel as though the provider has prioritised their needs.

Prompt action is crucial, as customers vehemently dislike having to follow up requests multiple times without results.

For times when complaints are not being handled in a timely manner, customers appreciate clear communication about how to escalate the nature of the request, by moving it up the complaints management ladder.

Not knowing where to take an issue further only leads to more confusion.

Customers who feel as though their needs are not being met may do well to compare phone plans.

Posted by Eve Gillespie