What is the Australian Energy Storage Alliance?

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Australia is like many other nations working towards a cleaner energy future and one way of achieving this is going to be improving energy storage.

As a result, the Australian Energy Storage Alliance (AES Alliance) has been set up over the past few weeks, which aims to address any issues and get more players on board with storing energy.

What is energy storage?

You might not realise it, but energy storage plays an important role in ensuring your electricity supplier is able to provide you with the power you need, when you need it.

Demand for electricity fluctuates throughout the day. Peak times tend to be first thing in the morning when people are getting up and ready for work or school, as well as in the evenings when they return.

As a result, energy suppliers need to make sure they have enough power in reserve for when these peak times hit. This is where energy storage comes into play.

During the times of day when power demand is at its lowest, energy can be stockpiled so it's ready to be deployed when it's most needed.

Electricity storage devices are responsible for making sure this happens, as well as ensuring a balance is struck between a network's load and the amount of power it generates.

However, one of the issues at present is that energy storage technology still remains relatively expensive. The cost of this will need to come down if the needs of the general public are to be met both now and well into the future.

How will the AES Alliance help?

The AES Alliance recognises that energy storage will be essential to both on and off-grid energy management over the coming years, as well as other areas of the electrical industry.

It also plays a crucial role in providing power to remote areas, such as mining communities, where access to traditional power supplies and infrastructure might not be easy to achieve.

As a result, the AES Alliance has been set up to give energy storage the best possible chance of moving forward by bringing together anyone who might have an interest in the technology.

It operates on a contributor and subscriber basis, with supporters for the scheme also being sought. Membership is free providing certain terms and conditions are met.

The idea is that members will be able to come together to share their views on the issues, as well as provide case studies of where energy storage is working and industry innovations are coming to the fore.

Posted by Jeremy Elliott