What can MOG offer phone users?

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Today's announcement that Telstra will be partnering with MOG - one of the world's most popular music subscription services - will be welcome news to many mobile users.

Now when shoppers compare phone plans a consideration for data restrictions may be more likely to come into play, as MOG will offer a range of downloading and streaming options for subscribers.

For those unaware of the services MOG can provide, here is an overview of the benefits that users can experience.

Once the MOG application is downloaded - to a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other internet-capable device - users can instantly access an online library of over 15 million tunes, all advertisement-free.

This music can then be grouped, categorised and organised as if it was your own personal collection.

Download and store your assortment to a device for listening to, no matter where you are, even if there is no Wi-Fi or fixed line service available.

MOG offers personalised services as well - Best In Class is a radio-type function which lets you listen to artist-only playlists, or a full mix of similar artists. You will receive recommendations based on your MOG listening preferences as well as your Facebook artist 'likes'.

Users will also get a high-quality audio experience - MOG streams at 320 kilobits per second - which is as mobile as any other communication application.

Posted by Eve Gillespie