What are the main benefits of solar?

Many Aussies concerned about rising electricity prices are choosing to look to the sun for their energy needs.

Solar power is fast becoming a great option for those in the Lucky Country who are blessed with plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

Here are some great benefits of installing solar panels to convert the sun's energy into an electrical current and essentially generate your own power.

Lower bills

While you still may need to pay for some electricity as your solar panels might not cover all your needs, you won't need to pay for all of it.

During those overcast days, you may need to top up your solar system.

This means you may need to pay for a small amount of electricity. You can further reduce this amount, however, by doing an electricity comparison to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

While there is a larger upfront cost involved in the installation of solar panels, once they are up they require very little maintenance and can be expected to last for around 20 years, or even longer in some cases.

This means over the long run you will save money, particularly if electricity prices continue to rise.

Smaller carbon footprint

If you are concerned about the impact you are having on the planet, installing a solar panel could be the best way to go as they are carbon neutral so their impact on the planet is minimal.

Not only that but they are also a renewable source as the planet will never run out of sunshine. 

This resource is consistent - the sun always rises and sets. This means you will be able to rely on solar as a great source of energy for years to come.

Plus, any extra electricity that is created can be fed back onto the grid, which helps to lower the entire country's carbon footprint - this is good for everyone.

Australia becomes more energy independent

If more households and businesses begin to generate their own power, it means the country can rely less on foreign oil and gas so the country becomes more energy independent.


Solar panels do not make any noise, so they can be added worry-free to any dwelling whether you live in the country or smack bang in the middle of a bustling city street.

Posted by Liam Tunney.