Western Australia to tackle rising utility prices

Western Australia is taking drastic action in the wake of rising electricity and gas prices, releasing a new white paper entitled Strategic Energy Initiative, Energy2031 - Building the Pathways for Western Australia's Energy Future today (August 28).

Five pathways towards achieving a stronger energy future were identified in the paper, including securing a diverse energy supply, ensuring proactive energy planning and establishing effective and efficient energy delivery systems.

Informing Western Australians about responsible energy usage was also highlighted as an important part of ensuring the energy future of the state, along with the necessity for capacity building.

"The Strategic Energy Initiative, Energy2031 outlines a vision and strategic directions for our energy sector that will enable affordable, secure, reliable and cleaner energy for future generations of West Australians," said WA energy minister Peter Collier in a statement.

"Energy2031 aims to provide industry and the community with clarity about the sector’s direction and the future framework for state government policy."

Amongst the strategies WA will undertake in order to meet the aforementioned goals includes ensuring security of gas supply through increased development of onshore gas resources as well as encouraging the uptake of cleaner low emission technologies.

For Australians living in other states which are struggling to cope with the impact of rising utility bills and the prices of gas, it might be a good idea to compare the various suppliers in your area in order to determine whether there is a better option available.

Posted by Callum Fleming