Waterproofing for mobile phones

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Mobile phones can get into all sorts of damage-causing situations.

Breaks, falls, drops and squashes can happen at sometimes alarming frequency, and often when we are not prepared for the subsequent repair costs.

Some of the best mobile plans can include a fee for insurance, which may cover you for some kinds of damage. Mistakes and accidents can happen, and most mobile phone companies recognise that fact.

Telstra and Fone Zone will soon be offering their own assistance to phone damage prevention.

April will see the two retailers release a product for keeping mobile phones waterproof, using newly developed Liquipel technology.

The waterproofing product was developed by Vita Group and can protect against accidental contact with water.

It penetrates the entire device - insides and all - and covers even the smallest components with a coating 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

The coating does not affect the form or function of the phone as it is invisible to the naked eye, and can be applied to both new and existing phones.

Liquipel also has the capability to be used on tablets, laptops and other electronic devices.

Posted by Eve Gillespie