Water saving tips over summer

With summer now here, it's important to think about how your water usage will affect your power bills.

In this hot weather, no doubt you will be sweating more which will cause your washing machine to take on much of the burden. It's important to consider whether it is time to update your appliance because of their energy consumption.

An inefficient top or front loader can cost you a fortune if it's not being frugal on power and water. And with increasing electricity prices, it's only smart to make sure your household uses a minimum amount of power.

Despite predictions for a hot summer, Sydney over the last few days (December 10-11) has experienced colder weather, with winds dropping temperatures across the city. This may spark a desire to have a hot shower so it's also good to look at the type of shower head you have fitted to your bathroom.

If your fixtures are water efficient, you will not only save precious H2O, but you will also reduce your energy consumption.

If you feel that your energy provider is not giving you the service and pricing you are looking for, talk to a comparison and switching service and let them investigate if there is a deal out there that is right for you.

Posted by Charlie Moore