Water prices in Sydney set to rise

Sydney residents can expect to face more price increases over the coming months, as water and sewage prices are set to rise.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) released its final report on Sydney water pricing regulation today (June 19) and the results are slightly higher than the initial draft decision that was released in March.

A typical residential house in Sydney will see annual water and sewage bills rise by $72 over the next four years, according to IPART chairman Peter Boxall.

Apartments outside of Sydney water's stormwater drainage area will see even greater increases of around $134 over the same period.

The changes come into effect on July 1 and will last until June 30 2016.

While these increases are actually lower than the price of inflation, they will still concern many NSW residents that have already been impacted by rising gas and electricity prices.

Families will need to budget effectively to ensure they have enough to remain comfortable when the price increases take effect, so it is worthwhile making sure that you are saving money where you can.

A price comparison check can be a great way of ensuring you are with the best electricity supplier for your needs and help you put away a little extra for the future.

Posted by Charlie Moore