Wagga Wagga opts to save power with new energy efficient project

Energy efficiency is one of the top priorities for the Wagga Wagga city council.

This has been reinforced by the implementation of the Energy Savings Action Plan.

The council has recently completed an assessment of the Airport, Civic Centre and the Civic Theatre buildings to find more eco-friendly processes. 

In an effort to save power the council opted to replace all the standard light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs.

Furthermore, they have installed a power factor correction unit and timers on lights to ensure none of the lights are left on needlessly.

This project has been jointly funded by the council and a low interest loan from Low Carbon Australia (LCA).

Wagga Wagga was the first regional council to be allocated funding from LCA. 

So far the council has reported that this initiative will help save an estimated $60,000 annually.

To find out more ways that your household may be able to reduce the cost of your energy bill, consider talking to your electricity supplier about tips you could use to become more energy efficient.

Posted by Charlie Moore