Wagga Wagga business noted for their energy efficiency

Saving power is becoming a way of life for residents in Wagga Wagga after the implementation of a local energy company scheme to inspire energy efficiency, which can help to reduce electricity prices

The scheme entitled Local Savers is an Origin Energy initiative designed to encourage organisations in regional Australia to find ways to become more energy efficient. 

Every month a group has the chance to win $1000 to implement energy saving strategies.

The monthly winner will also get a visit from an energy adviser who will make suggestions about how they could become more eco-friendly.

In August, Wagga Wagga's RSL Motel won the local savers award.

The business has been operating for 11 years and is continuously working on ways to reduce their energy usage.

Motel manager Brendan Richardson noted in his application that all his amenities from the lights to the air conditioners were being upgraded in an effort to reduce electricity costs.

Mr Richardson said finding energy efficient solutions were a focal point for the business.

"We're happy to receive the Origin Local Savers grant as it will help ensure the changes we make to the motel maximise energy efficiency," he said.

This may be a timely reminder for your business to consider ways that you could become more energy efficient.

Your organisation may also wish to find out how carbon conscious your electricity supplier is and whether comparing electricity prices may be a worthwhile exercise for you.