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Wagga Wagga adopts an energy efficient approach

For those interested in carbon conscious projects in New South Wales, you may wish to take note of an energy efficient project in the city of Wagga Wagga.

Low Carbon Australia (LCA) and Wagga Wagga city council have teamed up for an initiative, which aims to help the Wagga Oasis Aquatic Centre halve its electricity prices.

Wagga Wagga city council will install the cogeneration system worth $780,000 to enable the energy savings. 

Low Carbon Australia's chief executive officer Meg McDonald praised the council for its efforts in supporting an energy saving solution.

"Upgrading with cleaner technology and equipment can help councils make significant inroads on reducing their energy costs and lowering carbon emissions," she said

"We're working with Wagga Wagga and other councils to finance projects so they can make changes without upfront costs."

City council mayor Rod Kendall said the unit was expected to produce energy savings of $320,000. 

"That's more than half the aquatic centre's estimated annual energy costs. The gas-fired generator will create electricity for the centre and the heat the engine produces will be used to heat our pools," he said.

The Australian government has contributed$375,075 through the Community Energy Efficiency Program and Low Carbon Australia has given the project $338,250.

Posted by Charlie Moore 


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