WA consumers facing gas bill increase

Consumers across Western Australia are facing up to a ten per cent increase in their gas bills this week - and state premier Colin Barnett has hinted that future price rises are inevitable.

The price hike, which took effect yesterday (Aug 1), is likely to see the average household gas bill rise by $1 a week during the next financial year, but Colin Barnett said that things could be worse.

He pointed out last week that the Office of Energy recommends an increase of 30.2 per cent. But West Australians are upset with the ten per cent rise, wondering why they pay higher prices for gas when the WA coast is home to numerous natural gas reserves.

Speaking to radio callers on 720 ABC Mornings last month, Barnett said: "It's sold at international prices and the international price of gas is increasing and will increase in the future."

The talk of rising gas prices means that many householders are looking for ways to reduce their bills.

If you are concerned by the price of gas, it might be time to consider taking measures around your home to decrease your gas consumption.

These can include using gas heaters only as and when you require them, or choosing to bundle up by wearing socks or other layers. Taking measures to ensure your property is well-insulated can also keep you to use heat - and in the summer, air conditioning - in a more efficient way.