WA coal station repair costs blowout

The Western Australian energy minister Peter Collier is facing calls for his sacking after it emerged there was a cost blow out with repairs to a coal-fired power station.

Refurbishment to the Muja station at Collie - two hours south of Perth - cost $100 million more than expected.

The Muja station is a 46-year-old facility that was taken offline last year before partially being brought back into production this year.

Mr Collier told the parliament last year that there would be a cost blowout to the project, but that it would only be $15.7 million.

Opposition spokesperson for energy Bill Johnston told the ABC that he is calling for Mr Collier's resignation or sacking.

He explained: "It is unbelievable that there would a $100 million blowout in a $150 million project.

"There must be accountability in this. Mr Collier must be held responsible."

Mr Johnston cited other budget blowouts that the minister has presided over, including the Solar Feed-in Tariff which was projected to cost $33 million but ended up costing $450 million.

The West Australian reported that there has been a high level of solar installations in a bid to combat rising electricity prices.