Vodafone 'to have fastest 4G'

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Vodafone will have the fastest 4G service of any Australian carrier when it launches later this year, according to company chief Bill Morrow.

Despite being the only major network to not yet provide a 4G option, the telco has a larger share in the 1,800 MHz spectrum (how 4G is operated) than Optus or Telstra.

Mr Morrow told The Australian that Vodafone will offer the fastest speeds possible.

He explained: "We have a stronger spectrum position than the others. We're thrilled with the fact that we are the only carrier in Australia today that has this contiguous 20 Mhz up, 20 Mhz down structure.

"So we are the only ones today, and at least until 2015, that can offer the fastest 4G speeds, but we haven't exploited that enough yet."

It comes as up to 750 jobs will be created for a Kingston Vodafone Hutchinson call centre, in a government-backed agenda.

That will see the number of employees doubled to 1,500 through a $4 million package from the federal government.

In a bid to ensure that Vodafone moves its offshore jobs into Tasmania, the state government has injected $850,000 into infrastructure and waived payroll tax for new employees.

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Posted by Eve Gillespie