Vodafone boss unphased by law suit

Vodafone's chief executive has dismissed a class action lawsuit levelled against the telco, saying that he doubts it will get too far.

The case was originally brought against the company in 2010, but has recently resurfaced after the law firm bringing the suit, had found a financial backer, Fairfax reports.

Chief executive Bill Morrow explained that he sincerely doubts the suit will damage Vodafone Hutchison Australia's reputation.

Mr Morrow said: "Most people see that there is not a class action suit actually filed or [any] attempt to actually gather one.

"The 23,000 [signatures] is the same number that they had reported back in 2011 … I don't believe this is something that is going to turn into a class action suit and I don't think it is damaging to our brand."

It comes as the law firm bringing the suit, Piper Alderman, refused to give any details on the class action, such as how many people have signed up, according to Haymarket Media.

Piper Alderman said about 20,000 people had expressed interest in the suit before registrations went live last week.

A spokesperson said that any information about those who had signed up would be made public next month.

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Posted by Eve Gillespie