Victorians save big on power

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Over the past two years, Victorian homes have saved enough electricity to power the lights of the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the next three-quarters of a century.

The Herald Sun reports that the average power use of Victorians has dropped considerably, saving a total of 1,162 gigawatt hours The Energy Supply Association of Australia said that the reason behind this fall includes a growing number of people opting to generate solar power, insulating their homes and the desire to offset increases in their electricity prices.

It comes as Crikey reports that the airline company Boeing has continued its push for a hybrid plane which could combat the large price airlines are paying for the ever increasing price of jet fuel.

In conjunction with saving money in the aviation industry, a British firm is finalising its development of petrol, derived from air for the use in anything that requires it.

This is certainly a welcome result as the world grapples with diminishing oil supplies and the battle over climate change.

The process starts with extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and hydrogen from water. Combined together it produces methanol which can be then processed to form the liquid which millions pour into their cars every day.

The International Business Times reports that Air Fuel Syndication, the company behind this breakthrough says that they produced five litres of petrol in three months and future projections say that within two years, the company could be producing a tonne of petrol on a daily basis.

By Charlie Moore